POS Example Gallery – Page 2

Point of Sale System Examples – Gallery – Page 2

Point of Sale System Example 07

Here is another set of Point of Sale system examples that we’ve installed for our customers.

Point of Sale System Example 08

Once restaurants begin to grow, it makes sense to have multiple terminals so that the serving staff isn’t standing around waiting for another server to finish their work. A large building could have terminals spread throughout the space so that staff is always within reach of an available terminal.
Point of Sale System Example 09

Tickets can be retrieved from any terminal, so for example even if a ticket was started on Station 2, the server can come back later to Station 4 and pick up where they left off.

Point of Sale System Example 10

Keep in mind that each terminal or kitchen printer will need a connection to the network and access to an electrical outlet.

Restaurant systems may have several kitchen printers dedicated to specific kitchen stations. They may even a kitchen video terminal (similar to those you see in fast food spots).

Kitchen Printer 2

Delivery locations use caller ID units (not pictured here) to quickly pull up customer information and assign it to a new ticket – even pulling up the customer’s favorite orders from the past.

POS Kitchen Video

Kitchen Printer 1

Kitchen printers are available in either thermal or impact (dot-matrix). If the printer sits near an oven or grill then the paper on a thermal printer will turn black and will be difficult to read. Also, cooks often prefer dot-matrix because they can hear when they print. (Thermal printer can be very quiet.)

If you haven’t seen it already, here is another page of Sample POS Pics.

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